Expected results



The actors operating in LANDCARE MED (Municipalities, farmers and citizens) will develop their own rural waste management system independently so that they will be integral part of the change. Farmers and citizens, therefore, will step up in their role by turning themselves from source of the problem into active actors of its solution.

The expected results of the project are:

  • Reinforced commitment of municipalities towards sound management of rural waste.
  • Strengthened expertise of technical and administrative staff on sustainable rural waste management in the target areas.
  • Improved involvement of citizens and farmers in the treatment of rural waste.
  • LANDCARE MED cross-border network established for the diffusion of the good practices on innovative rural waste management for rural communities development
  • Awareness of consumers raised concerning the environmental footprint of the products/goods they buy.
  • Rural waste reduced and sustainably recycled in target areas.



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