The Municipalities are in charge of leading the development and fulfillment of the new waste management policies in terms of environmental sustainability planning thanks to the their expertise and skills strengthened during the project implementation.

Following the main activities carried out by the project.

  • Definition and identification of four Rural Waste Treatment Centers
  • Elaboration of Quality Commercial Products Index which is the ratio between goods consumed and waste produced
  • Elaboration of Recyclability Waste Index which highlights the commercial value of the recycled materials
  • Definition of procedures for assistance to concerned farmers and citizens on waste pre-treatment processes
  • Waste collection in the four Rural Waste Treatment Centers
  • Deployment of four pyrolysis plants for the treatment of rural organic waste delivering biochar (natural fertilizer for improving crop yield) and energy as by-products
  • Training courses addressed to farmers, citizens, technical and administrative staff
  • Training seminars addressed to the students of the primary and secondary school



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