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Decimoputzu has about 4500 inhabitants and it located in the south of Sardinia. The countryside of Decimoputzu includes about 200 farms. 

The Municipality adopts special policies for environmental protection and implements different actions for promoting sustainable development of its agricultural activities.



Università degli Studi di Cagliari

The University of Cagliari is a public state Universityand consists of several main campuses either inwards or at the edge of the city. The University of Cagliari is one of the largest enterprises in the Region of Sardinia, thanks to its international openness, its courses and its numerous agreements with other prestigious universities in Europe and all around the world. The University of Cagliari has about 31.102 registered students, over 1.000 teaching staff and more than 1.000 professionals in the technical‐administrative staff.

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Lebanese University

The Lebanese University (L.U.) is the only public university in Lebanon. It was created in 1950 under the name Ecole Normale Supérieure, but from 1953 she was appointed Lebanese University. L.U. is the only university in Lebanon that is present in all Lebanese regions. The 45 sections of its various faculties covering all Lebanese territory. The sections are located in the main Lebanese regions. L.U. is the largest university in Lebanon, It currently has 70,000 students representing more than 55% of university students while the remaining 45% are shared by 18 universities and 22 academic institutions operating in Lebanon. Students of the Lebanese University came from all Lebanese regions, which belong to all social classes and all denominations in creating a society whose university is the mosaic image from that constituting the Lebanese society. Its high level is illustrated by the quality of its students and its Researchers-Professors. Indeed, the L.U. There are currently about 4,000 Researchers-Professors all hold a doctorate (PhD). Moreover, except some faculties the access to most faculties is conditioned by passing an entrance examination allowing L.U. to select every year the best school graduate students from Lebanon.
The L.U. has adopted recently (2006-2007) the new academic system based on credits and new degrees (LMD) to be in line with international educational systems.
Finally the L.U. opened in 2005 a new campus for the Beirut area. This is a campus that can accommodate up to 28,000 students.

Lebanese University: Faculties


Haret Saida

The Municipality of Haret Saida is a rural village located in the south of Lebanon. 

Its countryside has been detected to have the suitable features for implementing the proposed Rural Waste Management (RWM) system.

The role of Haret Saida is fundamental in defining strategies for the diffusion on local scale of the Best Practices tuned in the experimental communities.


The Municipality of Zebdin is a rural village located in the south of Lebanon. The countryside has the suitable features for implementing the proposed Rural Waste Management (RWM) system. 

The role of Zebdin is fundamental in defining strategies for the diffusion on local scale of the Best Practices tuned in the experimental communities.  


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South Services &Contracting, sarl is a private company located in the south of Lebanon. 

It is a company specialized in solid waste management which provides collection, transfer and recycling services.


The Higher School of Rural Equipment Engineers (ESIER) is an agricultural higher educational institution under the dual authority: Ministry of Agriculture "Research Institution of Agricultural Higher Education (IRESA) and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (University of Jendouba). It is situated in the Northwestern part of Tunisia in the Medjez El Bab town, 60 Km far from the capital Tunis.


Anci - Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani Sardegna

The National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI) was set up in 1901. 

The fundamental aim of ANCI’s activities is to represent and safeguard the municipalities’ interests, lobbying parliament, the government, regions, and Italian public administration and EU bodies. 


Municipalité de Medjez El Bab

The Medjez El Bab town is located in northern Tunisia. It is considered a strategic access to the northwest of Tunisia, at 50 km from the capital TUNIS and at 40 km from the governorate BEJA. The city lies on a plain of principal river of Tunisia; the Medjerda. 


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The National Waste Management Agency, ANGED, is a Tunisian non-administrative public organization created by decree n°. 2005-2317 of august 22th 2005.

ANGED has corporate civil personnality and financial autonomy, under the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment.


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