LANDCARE MED Cross-Border Network



LANDCARE MED has an ambitious goal: to change the current mentality in waste management at the level of the Mediterranean Basin.  A revolution in which the citizen is at the center of a project aimed at abolishing the concept of refuse in order to replace it with a more appropriate and sustainable concept of recyclable material.

To implement our strategy, during the two years of LANDCARE MED activities, we want to spread as much as possible our ideas.

For these reasons the LANDCARE MED partnership created the Cross-Border Network for the exchange of know-how and transfer of good practices on waste management at the level of the Mediterranean Basin.



The LANDCARE MED Cross-Border Network is a collaboration between Universities, Research Institutes, local and regional authorities, associations, companies and any other public or private body involved in the field of waste management with the goal to ensure the exchange of ideas, dissemination of best  practices, promotion of policies in this area.



Depending on the different own skills and abilities, Network members agree to work together and to develop programs and activities in order to reach the following objectives:

• promote the objectives, activities and results of the LANDCARE MED project with stakeholders in the field of waste management in Mediterranean areas;

• seek additional funding that may contribute to the implementation and replication of  LANDCARE MED;

• identify all the necessary information for the identification of Best Practices in the field of waste management and promoting the dissemination of these practices;

• reach agreements and promote the signing of agreements between different actors in the field of waste management;

• proposals for the adoption of new more effective policies in the field of waste management submitted to concerned public authorities at the level of the Mediterranean Basin.



To become a member, it is necessary to sign the Declaration of Membership which confirms the willingness to support the Network. You can find the Declaration of Membership and the Charter of Intent at the bottom of this page.

Membership is free, and to be formalized, requires the approval of the Steering Committee.



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