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The LandcareMED-label

The main objective of the labelling mechanism is to promote a standard for the design of a packaging which has as its main aims: the reduction of materials exploited, the use of recyclable materials, the use of recycled materials, easy pre-treatment of the packaging.

Many consumers expect by now to find clear on-pack indications on the products’ recyclability, finding themselves frustrated when they miss instructions on which packaging can be recycled and how.

The LandcareMED-label rates the quality of the products’ packaging and its recyclability by assigning a score visible on the label of the commercial product. The score will be noticeable thanks to a marker in the logo calibrated on the basis of the degree of recyclability of the packaging.

The LandcareMED-label consists of a standard recycling label providing suitable information to encourage and facilitate the consumers recycling procedures with the final goal of recycling more packaging, more often. The label will communicate a simple but impressive message. This enables consumers to recycle more material, more fairly. The label gives clear information on each packaging component (e.g. tray, carton, sleeve, film) and the related material of which it is composed (cardboard, paper, foil, plastic etc). 

The benefits

On the one hand the LandcareMEDlabel allows producers to make their products stand out from the multitude of less environmentally-friendly products, thus reaching environmentally sensitive consumers. On the other hand, the label will make consumers really aware of the environmental impacts of their purchasing decisions.

Through the label a producer prove to be also a painstaking citizen caring about environment, aware of the importance of recycling and consequently of the added value they are giving their brand. What is even more, by meeting the consumers needs the producers show how important the customers are to them.

Combined with an accurate design and a minimized packaging - still remaining able to protect the product to be enjoyed by the customer - this little label speaks volumes about its sustainability.

The list of the accredited products will be published on the official Project website.

How to obtain the label

In order to obtain the LandcareMED-Label the producer shall provide:

  • Detailed information on the product and its packaging
  • A sample of products to be examined
  • Information on the manufacturing process

The label will be awarded after a transparent evaluation of suitableness and compliance with its objectives.


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